Timbre Key Holder


Timbre Key Holder Wakka

Wakka is a key ring which produces a brisk sound “tat”. Wakka adds grace note to a rhythm to everyday life comfortably. A key can have a favorite place not to get lost. With wooden base which fits with interior, Wakka is stuck with magnet. It would be our pleasure if you like such curious appearance.

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Key ring: body

Size: W49 xH77 xD7mm

・Large ring

Size: W49 (bore diameter 35) xD7mm

Material: iron

・Splicing fitting

Material: brass

・Double ring

Size: W24 (bore diameter 19.5) xD2.6mm

Material: stainless

Total weight: Approx. 44 gm



Wooden base

Size: D27 xφ50mm


Wood: maple(Warm Gray, Lemon Yellow, Pink, Blue Green, Chrome M)

Walnut(Chrome M)

Inside: ABS resin. neodymium magnet



Fitting plate

Size: t2 xφ34mm (exclude protruding portion)

Material: ABS resin

Accessories: screws for wooden wall, nails for gypsum wall board and double-stick tape



Withstand load

Approx. 250 gm (exclude wooden part)


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