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Portable USB Juicer Blender


Portable USB Juicer Blender 380ml Bottle with rechargeable power bank & USB

  • Juicer/blender on the move: Juicer blender with 2000mAh rechargeable battery inside; ideal for home, sport field, travel, office and days out.
  • Charge electronic appliances: Use as a power bank to charge Mobile/Wireless headphone etc.. Or start USB Light/Fan/Cooler etc.
  • Nutritious & Hygienic: Quickly blends a variety of vegetables and fruit to make juice/milkshake/smoothie or any shake/drink without spillage.
  • Easy To Wash: Easy to dismantle and simply rinse under warm tap water.
  • Stylish & Sturdy: Attarctive sturdy designed gadget; Solid body with steel blending blade.

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Portable and rechargeable battery juicer blender
» Make delicious nutritious drink for you and your family.
» Use as Power bank for your mobile and accessories.
» Carry juice/shake ingredients for later use(avoid carrying liquid).

Make drinks like
» Milkshake:Banana/Strawberry/Vanilla/Chocolate/Mango-Yogurt etc.
» Juices:Orange/Watermelon/Mango/Apple/Pear/Papaya etc.
» Others:Cocktails/Ice tea/Cold Coffee/Protein Shake/Buttermilk/Lassi/Chaas etc.

Product Features:
1.380 ml portable bottle,used as cup and juice blender.
2.Spill proof Sipper.
3.Healthy and environment-friendly,100% safe PP/PC material.
4.Blender doesn’t start while uncovered
5.Quick speed,can make a cup of juice within 1 minute.
6.Use as power bank for your electronics appliances like Mobile,Bluetooth headphone etc.

Step to make smoothie:
1.Wash the fruit/vegies,cut into small pieces about 1.5*1.5cm (please remove nuclear material,hard,thick skin or hard shelled fruits or hard seeds)
2.Put the fruit in but do not exceed 60% of the cup of body then add the water keep about 80% of the cup body.
3.Start switch,normally apple and pear working time about 1-5 minutes.Citrus,orange and strawberry takes 30 seconds to 1 minute.
4.Monitor blending,shake slowly if required to rotate pieces.
5.Strain the hygienic delicious freshener drink from cap.
6.Enjoy with your kids and family,anytime,anywhere.

Motor Rotation:no load:<22000RPM,
with load:<15000RPM
Working Current:10-12A
Battery capacity:2000mAh
Charging time:about 3 hours
Full charged using times:10-12 times


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